Giorgia Fincato

In every movement, every gesture our genius is reflected.

Through the intuition every common actions can sublime in Arts.

I feel the emptiness and the nothingness that blocks the action. The real becomes vane and through the pointlessness I start to fulfill my dissatisfaction. Human being is an isolated participant of reality. His words fall beyond his stemps and remain.

My work reflects the conviction that the cohesion of the formal elements, that constitute the structure of the phenomenological appearance of matter, will generate a content that belongs to the continuity of things, to their diverse manifestations and to

their continuous repetitions. For me Arts should reflect the universal in the particular, the eternity in the moment. With my work I would express the intuition that grasps the essence of what simply happens. Life is the beginning and the end of Arts.

I see art as a voyage of discovery, as a way of exploring, questioning and holding on to what we learn. Art fosters critical thinking and a sense of belonging. It is a way to return to the origins of thought, innate shapes and first principles.

My drawing becomes an extension of my body, leaving on paper traces of my existence. My style of drawing is an intuitive action, a 

perspectives. My collages are the synthesis of my effort.

They encompass the two basic elements and techniques of my art. The drawing on the one hand represents my inner self, and on the other, the random objects found on my walks would document the outer world. When I relate to materials that I’ve found I can create a narration into personal storyboards. Because I look at objects as geometric solid shapes I can see the space in between those shapes and understand the interplay of structural form. I can combine and assemble them as the foundation of a drawing. When I work on a collage every motion, the entire artistic process goes back to my signature way of expression, from collecting to arranging and reshaping objects into one surface.

Born 1982, in Marostica, IT. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, IT. Between 2007 and 2009 she lived in

New York , addressing her artistic path, drawing in particular. Since 2013 she lives and works between Bassano del Grappa, IT and New York, US, presenting several exhibitions and site-specific projects moslty in Italy.

Curriculum Vitae